With the horrific Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts to manipulate our elections, I believe that while we wait for Congress to work on legal remedies, we the people can do far more and faster.

Boycott Political Donor Corporations

Here is a pretty nifty Video on UTube regarding the activism against Target's support of a far-right wing candidate.

Now I have an additional suggestion for any retail outlet being "Targeted".

  1. Print a bunch of "anti-political donation" fliers. ( sample you can use )
  2. Send "shoppers" to fill baskets with merchandize with the fliers on the bottom.
  3. Have them leave these filled baskets in isles and exit store.

When store employees find abandon carts they have to spend time to restock items to the shelves causing expense and bringing notice to the cause.  Make sure those doing this are discrete about placing the fliers to avoid cameras. Perhaps placing at same time as the first product such as a sheet or some other object large enough to conceal the flier until the cart is later unloaded.

Suggestion...put a shopping list on one side in case anyone asks.

Just fill the cart then exit the store.
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